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Item Name: Universal Application ROC Oil for A/C - 500 mL
Manufacturer: Cliplight
Part Number: CLP51105

  •  Universal for All Mobile A/C Applications - eliminates the need to carry different grades or viscosities of  a/c lubricants

  •  Top Up or Fill Up - compatible in any ratio with all lubricants
  • Refrigerant Compatibility - ROC oil is compatible with HCFCs, CFCs, HFCs, HFC blends, and HCFC blends
  • Zero Moisture Absorption - both PAG and ester lubricants can absorb up to 50% of their weight in water that could end up in the A/C system
  • Low Miscibility - more lubrication stays in the compressor and less travels with the refrigerant, reducing the chances of starving the compressor or lubrication, especially in the case of refrigerant loss.
  • ROC oil is a highly refined synthetic lubricant with an operating range of -90F to 599F that will not break down over extended use
  • ROC oil lubricated A/C systems are more efficient with quicker 'pull down' times and lower vent temperatures. Compressors acheive: Lower operating temperature with less noise; reduced 'load and run times'; improved durability; less H.P. draw
  • 500 mL bottle.

Price: $41.24

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