Diagnostic Tools

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IM508 Key Programming Tablet

Part #: AULIM508

Features & Benefits:

  • 7" Touchscreen Android-Based Tablet
  • Powerful Key Programming & IMMO Functionality
  • All Systems Vehicle Diagnostics
  • Comprehensive Service Menu
  • Includes the XP200 Key & Chip Programming

The IM508 is an Android-based touchscreen diagnostic, service and key programming tablet. This 7-inch wifi tablet includes the XP200 key programmer capable of EEPROM and key reading and writing. The IM508, an all systems code reader and service tool, offers powerful IMMO functionality including backup, restore, adaptations and coding, key generation and key learning & remote learning.

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Millennium HD PRO-Heavy Duty Code Scanner with DPF

Part #: LAU301050367

Features & Benefits:

  • Read DTCs, Clear DTCs and Data Stream for Heavy Duty OBD(J1780 AND J1939)
  • Support DPF reset for most makes and models in the market, especially engineering vehicles,  like CAT.
  • Support 6pin, 9pin, 16pin and CAT 9 adapters.
  • For gasoline vehicles, supporting Read DTCs, Clear DTCs, Read Freeze Frame Data and Vehicle Information, Graphic Display.
  • Update online

 Millennium HD Pro, a new generation heavy-duty DPF tool, is specially designed for North America market. It has integrated DPF reset function with read and clear DTCs, read freeze frame , read vehicle information, graphic display and other basic functions. It could perform DPF functions on heavy-duty trucks and engineering vehicles, like CAT DPF.

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Jaltest Info Online. Annual fee

Part #: COJ29427

Features and Benefits:

  • Original Manufacturer Multibrand Diagnostics
  • Yearly renewal and annual fee
  • Comprehensive repair guides
  • European Technology
  • Technical releases, Troubleshootings, Releases and procedures

The most complete Service Repair Information package in North America to help every technician to speed up their diagnostic and repair processes on Heavy and Medium Duty Vehicles.Jaltest INFO Online includes three different modules that make it essential for the HD service repair shops nowadays, filling a direct need in the market:• Fault Code Troubleshooting. More than 24,500 step-by-step repair guides available to help technicians repair every DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Code) diagnosed in specific systems (Engine, Transmission, Brakes, Antipollution, and Body controller).• Troubleshooting by symptoms. More than 57,700 step-by-step repair guides for the most common symptoms in specific systems (Engine, Transmission and Brakes). E.g.: ‘Unable to start a forced DPF regeneration’ or ‘Loss of engine power’.• Releases and Procedures. More than 250 technical bulletins with different procedures in specific systems (Engine, Transmission, and Brakes). E.g.: ‘Engine oil maintenance reset’, ‘Procedure to verify the clutch adjustment’ or ‘Radar sensor alignment’.

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MS906TS Total Care Program card 1YR


Features and Benefits:

  • Total Care Program Card for MS906TS
  • One Year Warranty  Extension for MS906TS
  • One Year Software Subscription for MS906TS
  • One Year of Downloadable Software Updates
  • Ensure tool has latest vehicle coverage

One Year Total Care Program Card for the MaxiSYS MS906TS.

Extends MS906TS warranty and software subcription for one year.

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Part #: OTC3896-LTW

Features and Benefits:

  • Evolve 1 Year Subscription
  • Hardware warranty for Evolve scan tool tablet only
  • Security card to renew subscription for Evolve for 1 year (12 months)
  • Software maintenance provides warranty on scan tool
  • Hardware warranty for Evolve scan tool tablet only
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Compact Bluetooth Vehicle Communication Interface


Features and Benefits:

  • Wirelessly connects vehicle ECU to MaxiSYS tablets supporting Bluetooth
  • Features convenient wireless Bluetooth technology enabling tech to perform diagnostics outside of vehicle
  • Supports comprehensive diagnosis and reading of control modules
  • Ultra-fast OBDII-port communication within 75 feet
  • Undateable software via the Internet

The new, ultra-compact  MaxiSYS-VCI100 features the latest advances in wireless Bluetooth connectivity. Compatible with all MaxiSYS tablets with Bluetooth capability.

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Obd-Ii Breakout Box Power Probe


Features and Benefits:

  • Test DLC (OBD port) for any abnormalities such as shorting and reverse polarity at the pins before connecting other diagnostic tools into the DLC
  • Provides live display of communicating signals (eg. communication protocol signals) on assigned pins for quick pointing of faults without having to utilize a measurement tool (digital volt ohmmeter).
  • Quickly access all 16 pin connections during repair and diagnosis of the vehicle
  • Monitor the input voltage of the OBD during module programming with low voltage detection
  • 2 pin adapters included

The Power Probe OBD-II Breakout Box is a CAN bus circuit tester applicable for 12 and 24 Volt systems. This tool tests the vehicle’s Data Link Connector (OBD port) for any abnormalities, such as shorting and reverse polarity at the pins. If Shorts or reverse polarity is present, then connecting the Power Probe OBD-II first will prevent harm to other diagnostic equipment (Sanners). This tool also provides a live display of communicating signals (eg. communication protocol signals) on assigned pins for quick pointing of faults without having to bring out a measurement tool (digital volt ohmmeter). Additionally, the tool will provide quick access to all 16 pin connections during repair and diagnosis of the vehicle. It will also monitor the input voltage of the OBD during module programming with an equipped low voltage alarm.

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MP408 in a Blow Mold Case

Part #: AULMP408BMC

Features & Benefits:

  • New Low Pass Filter Software
  • Color Coded 4-Channel Control Panel/Easily Adjusted Trigger Point
  • Measure/Test Vehicle Electrical Emissions Components
  • 1-Click Auto Setup Voltage Scale / 1-Click Auto Setup Time Base
  • Read/ Display/ Record/ Playback High Resolution Waveform Data

The MaxiScope MP408BMC is a 4-channel automotive oscilloscope. Working with the MaxiSYS tablets’ MaxiScope app, the MP400 is able to measure and test virtually all the electrical and electronic components and circuits in vehicles. It is packaged in a blow mold case.

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Super MUTT Deluxe

Part #: IPA9008-DL

Features and Benefits:


ELECTRICAL TESTING (12/24 Volt Operation)

  • Power lights: Manually, All-On, Auto Scan, or by Remote Control
  • Audible and visual alerts: cross, open, overloaded and short circuit indication
  • Pulsar® mode allows diagnostic repair
  • Advanced trailer wiring diagnostics
  • Amperage readout and range (0-20 amps)
  • Cable testing
  • Ground failure detection: differentiates between wire and chassis ground


  • Access ABS blink codes
  • Test ABS fault blink codes via Auxiliary and Brake Circuit activation (i.e. Meritor/Wabco, Bendix® TABS-6 and Haldex systems)


  • Performs leak down test on service and emergency lines
  • Remote control allows observation of slackers to measure and adjust pushrods
  • Real time, repetitive brake activation to find developing problems and verify leaking servo cans
  • Features an internal air regulator


  • (3x) 3-button remote controls test all trailer electric circuitry and air brake actuation, 200+ ft. range
  • Sync multiple (12) remotes to one unit

9008DL Includes:

(1) 12-Button Remote Control, (2x) 3-Button Remote Controls, 5' 7-Way Cable, Chassis Ground Cable, External Battery Connector, 8' Glad Hands, 10A Battery Charger, Face/Battery Shield and Rain Cover


Quickly troubleshoot lighting, air brake and ABS systems with the industry’s leading trailer tester. This intuitive and durable design is ideal for both on and off-site commercial trailer testing and repairs. The Super MUTT® Deluxe Trailer Tester is a Mobile Diagnostic Trailer Tester that places a load on the trailer’s electrical circuits to identify wiring problems while providing remote control operation over both air brakes and lights. Built to facilitate a one-man testing operation, the Super MUTT® reduces guesswork and inspection time to prevent failures that lead to expensive road calls and citations. The remote control allows for repetitive air brake actuation at each axle to reveal developing problems often missed by normal testing procedures. Battery not included.

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7 Way Flat Pin Trailer Circuit Tester

Part #: IPA7893

Features and Benefits:

  • Quickly and easily test trailer circuits on most light to medium duty trucks and campers
  • Tests vehicle circuits on 7 Flat/Spade Pin connections - quickly identifies faulty circuits
  • Made from LEDs and ABS plastic - ensures durability
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
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Relay Bypass Switch Master Kit with Amp Loop

Part #: IPA9038A

Features and Benefits:

  • Controls relay circuit independent of key on systems
  • Use in conjunction with clamp-on Amp Probes and Lab Scopes
  • Run fuel pumps, fan motors, etc. with the push of a switch
  • Operating range: Up to 20 amp continuous, 30 amp surge (12V)
  • Covers most makes and models

The Relay Bypass Switch with Amp Loop can energize any relay powering a DC motor for testing. It also makes DC motor actuation and current monitoring easy. By attaching an Amp Clamp or Lab Scope, you can monitor the current or amperage readings, allowing the technician to judge the health of the electric motor. If a motor is drawing more current than specified, or if the current load is inconsistent during operation, the motor is suspect and should be replaced. Use the Relay Bypass to energize a DC motor, i.e., fuel pump, cooling fan, blower motor, window motor, or any motor actuated by a relay.The bypass feature of the Bypass Switch with Amp Loop simplifies fuel injection testing. To energize the fuel pump, install the Bypass Switch in place of the vehicle's fuel pump relay and simply push it to the “on in.; position. This eliminates the need for “key-on/key-off in.; systems.

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