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Item Name: Synthetic Lithium Complex High Viscosity Grease (GVC) Case of 10
Manufacturer: AMSOIL Synthetic Grease
Part Number: GVCCR-CA

A lithium-complex thickened grease blended with premium ISO-320 synthetic base oils. Additives provide EP protection, oxidation resistance and rust and corrosion protection. Excellent for use in heavy-duty industrial and off-road applications where equipment is working under adverse conditions.

AMSOIL Synthetic High-Viscosity Grease is excellent for use in heavy-duty industrial and off-road applications where equipment operates under adverse conditions, including exposure to environmental elements, slow, heavily-loaded applications and shock-loading conditions. AMSOIL High-Viscosity Grease is formulated to excel in wet applications requiring excellent water resistance and in high-temperature applications up to 177C (350F) in continuous service and 204C (400F) in intermittent service. The lithium-complex thickener system and high-viscosity base oil provide top performance in hostile environments and heavy-duty industrial or offroad applications where typical multi-purpose greases may not perform up to standards.


  • High dropping point (exceeds 260C ( 500F))

  • EP additives and high-viscosity base oil for boundary lubrication protection

  • Resists thermal and oxidation degradation

  • Resists water washout

Price: $100.70

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